Virtual meets Natural

In todays world we interact with people and machines

almost simultaneously. We spend almost as much time communicating with people through our phones as we do face to face. At Red Finch Gallery we currently are showing the work of two amazing Utah Photographers, Lyndi Bone and Mark Hedengren. Although they work in the same medium, the themes of their shows explore very opposite ideas. Lyndi's series of Work is called "The Robot Friend." It explores adolescence and the relationship of people to technology. In Lyndi's on words about her work she said, "We are an overly plugged in society. Our technology is becoming an extension of ourselves and with this technology we create virtual “selves” where no human interaction is required. We can either choose to be a version of ourselves or choose to be another person entirely."

On the flip side, Mark's work explores a very different theme. Of his work he says "Our desire to be in nature runs deep. We put plants in our office, we travel thousands of miles to Iceland, we spend millions of dollars for a loft that has a view of Central Park. Like salmon, we use our vacation time on a quest to get back to our home...the natural world." His show celebrates mankind's everyday relation ship to nature.

The fact of the matter is that as people, we are versatile in our relationships: relationships with technology, nature, or each other.

To see Lyndi Bone & Mark Hedengren's work, visit Red Finch Gallery through he month of August.

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