Why Portraiture?

Art has been changing and evolving for centuries, styles have come and gone, mediums have risen and fallen in popularity, but one thing that hasn't changed is the artists desire to capture one of the most beautiful and complex of all subject matters: the human being. For centuries, people have been drawn, painted, and sculpted by artists of all backgrounds from all corners of the earth. So what is it about people that intrigues artists so much? Why is the challenge of trying to capture the emotion, personality, and life of a person in one single image so tempting? Perhaps we will never know the answer.

Velazquez painted the rich, Vermeer painted the poor, Van Gogh painted himself. Portraiture has always been, and will continue to be an important part of art. It's difficult and frustrating and wonderful. With the nineteenth century came a new way to create portraits: the photograph. It was now easier than ever before to snap a shot of someone and to show clearly their outward appearance, however, some photographers were able to tap into something much deeper. Some photographers reached beyond the physical appearance's of the individuals they shot and managed to photograph something much more meaningful, and beautiful: they captured what was on the inside.

We here at Red Finch Gallery are excited to be celebrating the

wonderful history and art of portraits photography in our upcoming show "Solitary Impressions." We are currently accepting submissions and are thrilled with the amazing work we have received so far. We look forward to seeing what will come next, and the stories that these photos will tell.

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